Dewey Garrett (USA)


Artist’s statement

I am interested in the transformation and contrasts discovered through wood turning. The process of converting a featureless block of wood into a graceful, symmetrical form is always fascinating and full of surprises. While working at the lathe, all the details and color of the object are integrated into a spinning blur that reveals only its outline. At rest, the same object can disclose complex details and dramatic coloring while possessing an entirely different sense of motion.

I am currently working on designs and methods that expose and combine turned shapes into new and unexpected compositions.



artist's bio

Trained as an engineer, Dewey Garrett took up the wood lathe in order to develop general woodworking skills for cabinetry and furniture. He found the process so stimulating and challenging that wood turning has become a dedicated creative pursuit. He is a self-taught turner and makes and modifies his tools to create unique turnings. His work is an ongoing exploration of the structure of forms constrained by the symmetry and simplicity of the lathe. 

He received a bachelor’s of science in electrical engineering from Northwestern University in 1969 and a master’s of science in engineering from the University of California–Los Angeles in 1971. 

His work is regularly exhibited in national and international juried competitions for both wood turning and three-dimensional art.