Jérôme Blanc (Switzerland)


Artist’s statement

I have been inspired by the geographical boundaries offered by mountains and their altimetric elevation curves. 

I created a digital drawing of these stylized curves, and I carved these lines into wood using a digital laser. These engravings, depending on the angle of light, highlight different areas, reminiscent of mountain faces. It is a metaphor for the vision that a person can have of the world. Depending on the way we look at the world, we focus on certain countries and ignore others. If we change our viewpoint, we can develop a whole different idea of the world. 

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Jérôme Blanc was born in Geneva in 1978 and grew up in a family keen on promoting creativity. He became acquainted with manual labor at an early age in the locksmith shop of his father, who is also passionate about boat restoration. After five years of study at the School of Arts and Crafts in Geneva in woodworking and carpentry, obtaining his degrees in 1998 and 1999, he started traveling abroad. 

While in Australia he perfected his knowledge of English and was first introduced to wood turning. This enduring revelation gave rise to an ever-growing interest and would entice him always closer to wood carving. With his hyperactivity, Jérôme Blanc truly belongs to his time—an age concerned with ecology that might benefit from a return to simplicity. 

These contemporary environmental issues preoccupy the sculptor and are reflected in his creations. More fundamentally, he offers pure and simple shapes made of a natural element that comes from the earth and can return to the earth.